September Trip Update

I recently returned from an amazing two-week trip to Bangalore India. Global Fusion hosted a training session between the American tech company Globe Runner and the Afghanistan counter-part company Pomtech. So many breakthroughs for both teams.

For over a year, these two teams have been working together while separated by thousands of miles. This trip was the first time they were able to meet in person and do hands-on training. By closing the distance, they were also able to close many gaps in the technical abilities of the Pomtech team. But more than just technical skills were shared. Culture was also exchanged.

Farhat gave me a beautiful headscarf from Afghanistan. We also received several other cultural gifts from Afghanistan.

Eric gave the team BBQ, dry rub, and t-shirts from Texas.











The whole purpose of the trip was to take Pomtech’s technical capabilities to the next level, that and so much more was accomplished. By meeting in person, exchanging culture, diving deep into development, and breaking bread together every day, real relationships were built. When the Globe Runner team finally met the Afghans in person, their trust and confidence in the potential of the team increased significantly. This trip was all we had hoped for and more.

We’ve only just begun to unlock the potential in Afghanistan. There are so many more men and women who are eager to learn and take their skills to the next level. Who’s ready to start investing in the people of Afghanistan?

Here are some other pictures from the trip.

Group Photo

Starting from the right: Rafat, Farhat, Brian, Jamshid, Eric, Ahadi, Daniel, Haidari, and Tamim


Bangalore has some beautiful parks. We all went together to explore Bangalore.



We ate lots of delicious food!


Rafat and Ahadi learn new SEO tactics from Brian and Eric.