Business Development in Afghanistan

For 3 years I have been telling my friends in Afghanistan that the NGO/Development Economy is ending.  As the international development agencies pull out of Afghanistan, the high salary jobs for English speakers and project managers are going away.


On my trip in May, my obvious prediction is coming true.  This change has three implications that are strategically significant.


  1. Access for faith-based workers through development projects and organizations is coming to an end.
  2. America has made a significant investment in Afghanistan. Billions of dollars invested and over 2,300 American service members killed in action.  The next battle is one for economic stability.
  3. My friends in Afghanistan need jobs so they will stay and continue leading the charge forward to a new Afghanistan.


In less than 3 months God has opened doors through my exceptionally diverse network to get our first business started.  Several graduates of the Institute for Leadership Development are building a prototype business working for one of my XM Performance clients in Texas.  A great story of God preparing work in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10)


This business will quickly be sustainable for the 10 employees that are currently working.  The key leader has a vision to employ 1,000 people.  Very exciting to see the power of the leaders we have been unleashing there for 8 years.


As we get ready for 2016, we have the potential to double the number of people we are employing.  What we need most now are connections with businesses that have significant support work that can be done remotely.  In particular:


  • Digital marketing agencies that need help with website development, updating, upgrades, and phone app development
  • Marketing and Sales teams that could use a small team to help them research prospects through a proven internet based research process
  • Photographers who need help doing bulk editing on photoshoots


If you know businesses that could use this kind of support, we would appreciate an introduction.